Have You Ever Thought Of Having A Stone Fire Pit In Your Own Yard?

An Amazing Stone Fire Pit Kit Can Turn Your Dream To RealityYour dream of an amazing stone fire pit kit may come true if you will only follow the six simple steps taught brilliantly by Dan Kelly. You will need the following items:· 44 pieces of man-made custom radius stone· A heavy gauge steel fire ring made to a perfect radius· A pull-away heavy-duty grille· 3 bags of beach sandIt will be interesting to note that this stone fire pit kit is easy to purchase as this type is popularly installed and used at campsites. The beach bags of sand which will be used in the bottom of the fire pit provide the heat barrier as it absorbs the heat that is supposed to spread outside the fire pit.The 44 stone piece stone blocks are man- made custom-radius stones which is usually made with a rough space on one side and a smooth radius on the other. The top and bottom of each stone are nice and flat for easy stocking so you don’t have to mold them anymore.How to Put the Stone Fire Pit Kit TogetherStep 1Place the steel ring and place it on the ground so you can start the first layer of stone bricks around it.Step 2Take the first stone and slide it against the ring, making sure that the smooth radius stone side is placed at the interior side against the steel ring while the rough edge of the stone is seen outwards. Put the next block of stone and join it together with the first stone. Join each of the stone blocks until the last stone is placed side by side with the first stone. The beauty about the size of the stone blocks is that you don’t need to cut or format them as they would fit well with the steel ring.Step 3When you put the second layer of the blocks, make sure that the joint of the first stone on the second layer is staggered against the first layer meaning, the stone on the second layer is set on top of the two stones below it. Repeat the steps of joining the stones together until the last stone is side by side with the first stone. Each of those joints needs to be staggered as you put the blocks into place.Step 4During the third layer of blocks, you need to lift up the steel ring just enough to put a couple of blocks underneath it to keep it up where you need it so you can continue your ring of stones. You also need to make sure that all the joints are staggered. Continue putting up the blocks together to complete the third layer of ring and the steel ring’s edge is positioned a little above the ring of stones.Step 5Pick the ring up again just enough to slide a couple of stones under it so we can continue using the steel ring as our guide and putting the fourth and last layer of stones, making sure that you keep the joints of the stones staggered.Step 6Pull out the pull away grille out of the way of the inner ring and start pouring sand inside the fire ring. The sand is needed to stop the heat transfer between the fire pit, which you want to keep the fire and your patio or surroundings.And there you have it – you now have your own stone fire pit right in your own yard.All you need to do is add wood above the sand, light it and put back the pull away grille and you can enjoy the fire that this stone fire kit brings!